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Our Vision

It is the vision of Pennsylvania TRiO to be recognized as
the premier state association supporting the goals of
access and opportunity for higher education.

Our Mission

The mission of PA TRiO is to engage Pennsylvania TRiO
program personnel in professional and leadership
development, legislative affairs, increased communication, collaboration and support of student success and lifelong

About Us


At - A - Glance

So many more than three!


EDUCATIONAL TALENT SEARCH programs serve young people in grades six through twelve. Participants receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships, and various student financial aid programs. There are 10 EDUCATIONAL TALENT SEARCH programs in Pennsylvania..


UPWARD BOUND provides fundamental support to secondary school participants in their preparation for college entrance.
VETERANS UPWARD BOUND programs provide intensive basic skills development and short term remedial courses for military veterans to help them successfully transition to postsecondary education. Currently 18 UPWARD BOUND programs and 1 VETERANS UPWARD BOUND program  in operation throughout Pennsylvania.

UPWARD BOUND MATH/SCIENCE programs are specially designed to strengthen math and science skills of participants. Currently, 6 UPWARD BOUND MATH/SCIENCE programs are in operation in Pennsylvania.


STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES helps students stay in college until they earn their Baccalaureate degree. STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES programs are now serving students at 24 colleges and universities in Pennsylvania.


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY CENTERS (EOC) provides counseling and information on college admissions to qualified adults who want to enter or continue a program of postsecondary education. There are 3 EOC projects in Pennsylvania.


The RONALD E. McNAIR POST-BACCALAUREATE ACHIEVEMENT program encourages low income students and minority undergraduates to consider careers in college teaching as well as prepare for doctoral study. Currently there are 2 McNAIR programs throughout Pennsylvania.

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Our Services



President -Jennifer Fox Wood, Bloomsburg Upward Bound -

President-Elect -  Jaquala Lowery Penn State University Talent Search

Past President -  Eron McMillen, California University Upward Bound -

Treasurer -  William AJ Best, California University of Pennsylvania

Secretary -  Maggie Ristow, University of Pittsburgh Student Support Services

Committee Chairs

Conference Planning (2023)* -Eron McMillen, California University Upward Bound - and 

                                                      Jaquala Lowery Penn State University Talent Search
Development - Karen Sheffield, Penn State University Talent Search – 

Financial Affairs - Leo Conway, Penn State University Upward Bound -

Legislative Affairs - Michele Lagnese, University of Pittsburgh Student Support Services

Membership - Anne Heinzeroth, St. Francis University Upward Bound -

Nomination & Elections** -Eron McMillen, California University Upward Bound -

                                                 Jaquala Lowery Penn State University Talent Search

Parliamentarian – Kim Lamar Shelton, Mansfield University Student Support Services –

Public Relations - Frank DelleCurti, Greater Erie Community Action Committee Upward Bound -

Scholarship - Jessica Petrie, Penn State University Talent Search -

* According to the PA TRIO Constitution, the President-Elect and Past President serve as co-chairs of the upcoming conference.

** According to the PA TRIO Constitution, the Past President serves as chair of the Nominations & Elections Committee.  No other board members are permitted to serve on the committee.


Latest News

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2022-2023 PA TRIO Membership form 


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