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PA TRIO 48th Annual Conference  (Virtual)
October 14-16, 2020


PATRIO 2020.jpg

Registering for the conference?  Use this link:  2020PATRIOConferenceRegistration

$175 - PA TRIO member* registering before or on 9/19

$200 - PA TRIO member* registering after 9/19 and before or on 10/1

$225 - PA TRIO member* registering after 10/1

$300 - Non-member registration fee

$75 - TRIO Student Special Rate

$75 - TRIO Alumni (not working in a TRIO program) Special Rate

Interested in submitting a proposal? Use this link: 2020PATRIOGoesBack2Future CFP by 9/25


Marty McFly:  “Whoa, this is heavy.”

Dr. Emmett Brown: “There's that word again; ‘heavy.’ Why are things so heavy in the future?”


Although the academic year is new, we continue in uncharted territory with an unprecedented, seismic epidemic. Not only is the pandemic itself difficult for us and our students to handle, but also it has exposed and exacerbated numerous inequities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, digital, financial, wellness, educational, etc.). During this challenging time, we must keep our faith in the TRIO mission to make students’ lives better.  We must also take advantage of professional opportunities that help us to practice resilience, discover new resources, and learn best practices. Thus, we are calling for proposals on any topic focusing on the future to implement positive change, including but not limited to

  • new ideas for providing services in virtual, social-distancing, and hybrid environments

  • balancing care and costs when developing programming

  • creating inclusive environments

  • following and fostering best practices

  • fostering cognitive flexibility in times of change

  • addressing disparities and discrimination

  • understanding and communicating feelings about the pandemic

  • practicing self-care in extremely surreal, uncertain times

  • any topic related to the theme

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