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Just a reminder that the December 14th deadline for Pennsylvania TRIO Achievers is approaching.


To be considered as a PA TRIO Achiever, a nominee:



- Must be a former TRIO project participant who was enrolled in and successfully completed a TRIO program;


- Must have enrolled in and successfully completed a postsecondary program of study resulting in a baccalaureate or terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher education;


- Must be a person of high stature within his/her profession or a person who has received recognition for academic achievement;


- Should be employed above the entry level designation for his/her profession, enrolled in a program for a degree above the baccalaureate degree, have done one or both of the previous items, or have retired; and


- Should have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions.


In addition, the nominee's participation in the PA TRIO project must have had significant impact upon the candidate in obtaining his/her educational and/or professional objectives.  Finally, the representing organization of the nominator must be a current PA TRIO member, unless the program is no longer in existence.


For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the nomination criteria and form to this message.  Please forward your nominations to me at by Friday, February 9th.  I hope to receive your TRIO Achiever nomination soon!



Anne Heinzeroth
Upward Bound Program
Saint Francis University
P.O. Box 600
Loretto, PA 15940-0600
Phone:  (814)472-3023/(800)457-6300
Fax:  (814)472-3863

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