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2016 PA TRIO Achiever Nomionations

The Membership committee is accepting nominations for Pennsylvania TRIO Achievers through Friday, February 19th.  To be considered as a PA TRIO Achiever, a nominee:

- Must be a former TRIO project participant who was enrolled in and successfully completed a TRIO program;

- Must have enrolled in and successfully completed a postsecondary program of study resulting in a baccalaureate or terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher education;

- Must be a person of high stature within his/her profession or a person who has received recognition for academic achievement;

- Should be employed above the entry level designation for his/her profession, enrolled in a program for a degree above the baccalaureate degree, have done one or both of the previous items, or have retired; and

- Should have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions.

In addition, the nominee's participation in the PA TRIO project must have had significant impact upon the candidate in obtaining his/her educational and/or professional objectives.  Finally, the representing organization of the nominator must be a current PA TRIO member, unless the program is no longer in existence.

I am sure that all of your programs have many worthy alumni who meet these criteria, so please consider nominating one for this year's PA TRIO Achiever.  For your convenience, I have attached a letter outlining the nomination criteria and  and supporting documentation and a PA TRIO Nomination Form to this message.  Please forward your nominations to me at by Friday, February 19th.  I hope to receive your PA TRIO Achiever nomination soon!


Anne Heinzeroth

Below are the Cover Letter and PA TRIO Achiver Nomination Form in PDF format.


Cover Letter for PA TRIO Achiever Nominations

PA Achiever Nomination Form

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